Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Best Flagship Phone

Samsung release Samsung Galaxy S8 which is a premium mobile phone product line. After the year 2016, Samsung suffered huge losses due to its failure with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 -Although in terms of technology, Note 7 is one of the best smartphone in that year. This time Samsung did not want to lose momentum.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review
Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 reviews: Prices, specifications and availability

Currently Samsung Galaxy S8 has not been sold widely in the market, but the good news for those of you who are interested to get it, Samsung has opened a pre-order to get Samsung S8, one of which is at Pre-Order The Galaxy S8 price on Amazon is offered between $855 to $967. If you are interested to buy Samsung S8 can get it here. All models of Samsung Galaxy S8 is offered unlocked mobile and will be delivered start May 3, 2017.

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Actually Samsung provides several color variants for Samsung S8, including: Arctic Silver, Coral Blue, Maple Gold, Midnight Black, and Orchid Gray. Unfortunately for the American version only Orchid Gray and Midnight Black.

Technically, the Samsung S8 battery carries only 3,000 mAh battery capacity but is equipped with two USB Type C adapter ports (one to full size USB and the other to Micro-USB) and features both charging and wireless charging all as standard. You’ll get around 20 percent battery from a 15 minute charge.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs
CameraFront: 8MP AF F1.7 ApertureRear: Dual Pixel 12MP AF OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)
PerformanceOcta-core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), 64 bit, 10nm processor Octa-core (2.35GHz Quad + 1.9GHz Quad), 64 bit, 10nm processor.*
Expandable Memory & SIM CardSingle SIM model: one Nano SIM and one MicroSD slot (up to 256GB) .**Dual SIM model (Hybrid SIM slot): one Nano SIM and one Nano SIM or one MicroSD slot (up to 256GB).**
BatteryBattery Capacity: 3000mAh.Battery Life: MP3 playback (AOD on): up to 44 hrs. MP3 playback (AOD Off): up to 67 hrs. Video playback: up to 16 hrs. Talk time: up to 20 hrs. Internet use (Wi-Fi): up to 14 hrs. Internet use (3G): up to 11 hrs. Internet use (4G): up to 12 hrs.***
ChargingFast Charging on wired and wireless Wireless Charging compatible with WPC and PMA. For any further information please refer to the official Samsung website.
Disclaimers*May differ by country and carrier. **May differ by markets and mobile operators.***Data based on devices released in Europe. Actual results may vary depending on usage and environmental factors.
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 Samsung Galaxy S8 Design

The basic difference in design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with several other Galaxy S series is clearly visible on the shape and size of the screen. Where Samsung S8 is far superior to its predecessor.

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Samsung has brought edge screen technology on the S8, so you do not need to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to get the sensation. Not only looks amazing but also provides added value for Samsung to compete with its opponent in the segment of the flagship Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 design has a size of 148.9 x 68.1 x 8 mm or (5.86 x 2.68 x 0.31 in) so it can be said pretty thin for the phone in its class. Having a weight of only 155 grams makes it into the category of light to hold in hand considering the size is fairly wide.

Samsung’s major design changes are the Galaxy S8 is amazing. Reduction of both the top and bottom bezel with the ratio of the screen with the phone body up to 83 percent is amazing.

This time, Samsung really presents a different innovation in the market. Samsung surprisingly eliminates the capacitive button and now you have on-screen navigation and a pressure sensitive home button built into the display – we’ll talk about this more later.

Different than ever, Samsung changed the fingerprint scanner button which is usually located on the physical button “Home” on the front of the screen. This time Samsung put it behind. Slightly confusing at first, in our opinion Samsung should be able to put a little down in the main camera position. Because this makes the Samsung S8 fingerprint scanner look unsymmetrical.

Samsung re-equip port 3.5 mm audio jack on the Galaxy S8 and its location is under the body. For information, Samsung previously eliminate the jack headphone in the device flagshipnya. A lot of users will be pleased to hear that. The Galaxy S8 is made from a lot of glass once again so it’s a little slippery but has a Gorilla Glass 5 back to resist damage. You may want to provide extra protection with a case to protect this expensive slab of metal and glass, though, which is a shame. Check out the best Galaxy S8 cases

As is well known, Samsung Galaxy S8 implement Ip68 certificate which means it has a feature of dust and waterproof protection. On the left side there is a button that works to enable Bixby, Samsung’s artificial intelligence assistance – see the software section for more on this.

Samsung does put two different chipsets for the Galaxy S8, it’s tailored to the state of Samsung S8 for sale. The following comparison of type and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8:

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S8
EMEAExynos 8895 Octa
US modelQualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835
EMEAOcta-core (4×2.3 GHz & 4×1.7 GHz)
US modelOcta-core (4×2.35 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo)
EMEAMali-G71 MP20
US modelAdreno 540

Source: gsmarena

EMEA acronyms from Europe, Middle East and Asia (market area)

It is clear that for the Galaxy S8 with the Sales Area in the States get Qualcomm MSM8998 chipset type Snapdragon 835 which is the highest series of chipsets available today. As for the EMEA Area, Samsung entrusts a homemade chipset with Exynos 8895 Octa core type. The next difference is the use of GPU, where EMEA countries get GPU from Mali-G71 MP20 and for American areas receive the GPU Adreno 540.

When compared with the previous series, Samsung Galaxy S7 then the specs Samsung Galaxy S8 much higher. In addition to the amazing hardware and software specs also because the advantages of Samsung S8 is to have a superb screen, the best innovation I currently think.

Infinity Display: a bezel-less, full-frontal, edge-to-edge screen.

As mentioned earlier, the advantages of Samsung S8 compared to its opponent is in the design. Samsung made a surprise by removing the Galaxy S8 mobile phone screen with a size of 5.8 inches. In the whole between the body of the phone with the screen it will get a size of 6.2 inches. But not only that, display Samsung Galaxy S8 is more rounded in the corner and adds luxurious impression. It fits perfectly with the fusion of metal design and glass that surrounds it.

In addition there is “Infinity Display” which is a bezel-less, full-frontal, edge-to-edge screen with aspect ratio of 18.5: 9 meaning the screen is very tall (or wide in landscape).

Excess S8 can be used properly when used to play Video files. Any video played on the Samsung S8 can bring visualization with viewport up to 36% larger.

Samsung is still using SuperAMOLED screen type, display technology is able to provide the best color and contrast quality. The screen resolution of Samsung Galaxy S8 is WQHD +, in this case, the total resolution is 2960×1440 pixels, while the density pixel is 570ppi.

By default, the resolution used Samsung S8 is Full HD + (2220×1080) but if desired lower resolution can be selected via the settings menu. Lower graphics resolution can help reduce battery consumption without degrading quality.

Specs aside, the Samsung S8 also now has a well-known edge screen as standard so there’s no need to buy the edge version any longer. Like I said before. The curve is more subtle than previous edge devices, though, so you just have the edge panels rather than any other additional functionality.

There are several features that make it easy to use the phone screen with just one hand, which we’ll cover in the software section, and the display is always-on should you want it to be.

One final thing to say regarding the screen is that it’s Mobile HDR Premium certification by the UHD alliance. The ability to display HDR content, sounds sensible, however you will only get into with certain titles on Amazon Prime Video. Additional partners are going to be proclaimed.

Processor: Exynos 8895 Octa Core – Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

Samsung Galaxy S8 marketed with two variants of different processors, according to target marketing countries, as we info before. For the Galaxy S8 version of America, Samsung market it with the specifications of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor while outside the United States using Exynos 8895 Octa Core chipset.

The newest Samsung’s octa-core processor has clock speeds of 2.3- and 1.7GHz (four cores each) and GPU Mali-G71 MP20. The firm claims a 10 % increase in CPU performance and a 20 % gain on the GPU aspect.

Memory and storage: 4GB RAM, 64GB Internal Storage

Samsung does not make any changes to this section, Samsung provides enough space for Samsung S8 memory storage by delivering 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory.

Samsung does provide more storage space options for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Asian version with 6GB / 128GB RAM. As usual, Samsung provides additional space for external storage via Micro-SD and you can add up to 256GB.

Samsung S8 Connectivity: LTE Cat 16

Bringing the big name Samsung with the latest technology certainly makes Samsung S8 equipped with the best connectivity specifications, no doubt. So far the Galaxy S8 has dual-band, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, Port USB 3.1, Type-C 1.0 reversible connector and LTE Cat 16 capable of providing high-speed data access up to 1024/150 Mbps.

In addition, Samsung also completes electronic payment in the Galaxy S8 with Samsung Pay feature (Visa, MasterCard). To support the daily activities also has a heart rate monitor feature located in the camera module.

Security Features: Fingerprint and Iris scanners

Samsung made some changes in security features and on the Samsung S8, Samsung puts the fingerprint scanner on the back of the body. This is certainly understandable because the design of Samsung S8 is prioritizing its wide screen. Unfortunately, the placement is less ergonomic.

In our opinion, the Samsung is more focused on the symmetrical design than functionality, it is seen when Samsung S8 users will automatically dirty camera lens when reaching the sensor.

The scanner is fast when it works, but the placement and size of it make it quite frustrating to use, especially with a case on.

The security feature that Samsung’s current advantage is the iris scanner feature, which Samsung says users do not need to use the fingerprint scanner anymore because there are already new features. But the less attention from the company is that the feature cannot work as fast as the fingerprint scanner. It’s obvious because the user has to hold the phone for longer, just like when it will do selfie and of course it should require some distance and good lighting as well.

The solution if you feel annoyed with the feature, why not use standard security features such as PIN numbers rather than biometrics security.

Samsung S8 Cameras: 12MP / 8MP

Samsung is undeniably always present with the best products. Still remembered clearly that Samsung Galaxy S7 camera is also one of the best camera phone, as well as Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera. Samsung S8 has a 12Mp Dual Pixel with an impressive f / 1.7 aperture and other features like optical image stabilization (OIS) and 4K recording.

As a flagship phone, the S8 Camera supports the ‘multi-frame image processing’ feature where it takes 3 shots rather than 1 and uses extras of different extras like focus. It will this when it thinks it has to sort of a moving object or low lightweight things.

Thanks to the latest processor embedded in the Samsung S8, with Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 Processor that makes this camera awesome even better. Some shots, unedited, are unbelievable.

They’re always completely different filters and shooting modes to play with as well as the same old suspects. There is even a replacement food mode for showing off your restaurant orders or home cooking skills.

We are really impressed with the quality of the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera, as well as the quality of the Galaxy S7 camera. We are confident that Samsung S8 is the best camera phone in the year 2017.

Galaxy S8 front camera resolution brings the 8MP lens and f / 1.7 aperture. The wide aperture means that you’ll be able to shoot in a lot of tougher conditions than most phones and also the ends up in general are sharper and more elaborated than before.

If you are upset about jumping to a way larger screen size Samsung has created tweak to help you use the phone with one hand. Within the camera app we tend to change between the cameras, mods, filters and even zoom all with completely different thumb swipes.

Galaxy S8 Battery life: 3,000 mAh

Samsung is very rare to provide a large capacity, on their flagship phone. For example, the battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy S8 is only 3,000 mAh which means the same as the previous Galaxy S Series.

Even so, Samsung has provided interesting features to replace these shortcomings. Among them are: USB-C feature, fast charging and wireless charging as usual. You will get about 20 percent of the battery for the cost of fifteen minutes.

Battery life can continue to grow tall once a new phone and not used but we tend to, impressed with the Galaxy S8. This lasted nearly 48 hours (including two nights) of moderate use.


Samsung brings a touch of attractive design on the Samsung S8, as well as with software that is in it. Check out some of the interesting things we found below.

Android 7.0 Nougat

As you might imagine, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the latest Android version 7.0, Nougat and Samsung has not brought a lot of nougat into its latest mobile phone. The interface looks clean and simple to use, and this is one in all the benefits of Samsung on their phones. However, still features a ton going on behind the scenes.

By default you get some installed, but most useful apps together with Google, Microsoft and Samsung itself. An interesting app, for your information, is currently accessed by swiping upwards that enables multiple users to get used to. You’ll swipe from the end of the menu to return to the home screen.

There are several stuff you will customize with the software together with things just like the main screen grid and apps. It is simple to get lost within the settings menu with the quantity of selections with stuff you won’t recognize unless you go and see.

An example might be a fingerprint sensor gesture that is changed by default. They allow you to open and close the notification panel with a quick swipe with a high screen like this.

Since the navigation key is on the screen, you can switch back and the latest app-useful if you’re back from another phone and no use to the Samsung layout. You’ll be able to even modify however, they’re sensitive to  avoid pressing them by mistake.

Snap Window

Bringing a larger screen size in addition to being an advantage for the Samsung S8 but that also means bringing a bit of trouble. Especially when you use it with just one hand, it will be difficult to reach it. As we discussed earlier, things like the camera app have new controls to help you out.

Samsung’s latest innovation called the “Snap Window” feature provides a solution to the problem. Basically, this feature is a new part of Multi Window that allows Galaxy S8 users to take the selected part of an app and put it to the top of the phone screen.

Samsung Assistant: Bixby

Another innovation made by Samsung to compete with its competitors such as AI Siri from Apple and Google with Google Assistant is equip the Galaxy S8 with Bixby, to find out what it Bixby can see here.

To access Bixby can be done by pressing the Bixby Button located beside the phone and without having to unlock the screen. Bixby is closed so it can only be used on Samsung devices.

The idea is you can talk to it with your voice without worrying what you can and can not say. It will also understand the context of what you’re doing. Samsung demonstrated using Bixby to set a wallpaper after launching the gallery with minimal taps.

Bixby Vision can even do some clever things like telling you a couple of local landmark you purpose the camera at together with extra data regarding what is around you which places to eat or provided on-line costs for a product while not scanning the barcode.

It’s all okay, however a lot of of the practicality is offered via Google Assistant (which is on the phone) and Bixby are going to be restricted to selected Samsung apps to begin with. The interface loads if you push the physical button on the aspect or swipe right from the home screen. Here you will get, during a} very similar thanks to Google now, all types of data that ought to be helpful similar to the weather, news, fitness stats and suggestions.

It all sounds terribly nice, however we’re not convinced by it, particularly with the shortage of voice support at launch. Google now could be already a far higher various and doubtless continuously are going to be.

Samsung Dex

In addition to Samsung Galaxy S8 which attracted me today is the latest gadget from Samsung, the Samsung DeX. You can conjointly use it with a wireless keyboard and mouse and once the phone is docked you will get a custom desktop-style interface wherever you’ll open and size apps in separate windows such as you would on a laptop or portable computer.

The demonstration seemed to work fine and will create the Galaxy S8 a good productivity device for anyone eager to do general, basic job work. Samsung even optimizes its own browser, thus it hundreds the desktop version of internet sites. If you are interested to know more or even interested to buy it, you can buy Samsung Dex on


Samsung has taken the perfect phone around and created it even higher with a powerful screen and style. It ticks a shed load of boxes you’d desire a flagship to do. It is the best phone of 2017 to this point, however it’s pricey and also the biometrics are a disappointed. We’re keen to examine what the likes of Apple, HTC and OnePlus will do to challenge.

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