Apple is Working On a Future Project: Apple 5G

Apple is working on a future project: Apple 5G – Good news for iPhone users, Apple plans to upgrade their latest Smartphone capabilities, with 5G wireless communication technology. Although previously been widely circulated that, iPhone 8 will carry an increase in technology and features than the iPhone 7.

Apple's 5G testing plans give a glimpse of future iPhones
Apple’s 5G testing plans give a glimpse of future iPhones

According to the Business Insider page, Apple has filed a license to “US Federal Communications Commission” to test the millimeter wave wireless technology. The technology makes it possible to increase the speed of upload and download data on connected iPhone devices (possibly iPhone 8 or iPhone 9).

It is estimated, testing Apple’s 5G technology takes at least 1 year until the project succeeds. Thus, most likely Apple’s 5G technology cannot be applied to the iPhone 8. The most likely is, Apple will put 5G technology in its product next year, iPhone 9.

Mobile carriers in the US such as Verizon, AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile has requested permission to use the 5G network for their own mobile services in 2019 until 2020 are due. As such, Apple still has time before standard mobile services are applied.

Making connections

Apple wants to test wireless networks on two 28GHz and 39GHz frequency bands that are glowing between two places in California. There is still no detailed information that explains what Apple did with the technology. As far as we know, the 28GHz band frequency is the use of transmission from Earth to space.

Information about Apple’s project is very interesting, reports that came out last month’s mention that Apple has hired two former Google executives who have experience in aerospace engineering as part of a plan to launch the Internet Satellite Apple.

Although the report is still vague, but Apple can make preparations to issue its first 5G Smartphone. Thus, Apple can compete with opponents who use Android OS like Samsung.

Until now there has been no official response from Apple about the information that has now been circulated. Both about Apple’s 5G technology and the internet satellite it is developing.

As always, Apple always locks up the project information they are working on. Maybe we’ll get a little more information when Apple’s WWDC 2017 event kicks off on 5 June.

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