1MORE E1001 Triple Driver Headphone Review

1MORE E1001 Triple Driver Headphone Review – This review we chose the best Headphones and based on existing ratings, we chose “1MORE E1001 Triple Driver Headphones” it is not wrong because based on reviews we see on Amazon.com also for 1MORE Triple Driver get a 5 star rating with 64% amount from 1,190 consumers. These headphones are able to produce the best music sound detail beat their competitors. It’s like a mission carried by 1MORE’S: We’re not in this business to sell headphones. We’re in this business to deliver music. Our Triple Drivers represent every sonic detail the artist You might listen. In essence, they disappear so there is nothing between you and your music.

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones_
1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

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Review 1MORE E1001 Triple Driver Headphone

These headphones are small, sleek and have earplug design that serves to reduce the noise from outside. Additionally the 1More E1001 Triple Driver is so portable that it is very easy to carry. For music fans who want the best sound quality, these headphones are a great choice. They combine elements in the ear and Earbud earphones and also come with an additional eight pairs of Earpiece to help find a suitable sound quality. 1More E1001 is the best choice for those who love high quality music, audio and get the sensation of audio music movie soundtrack class.

Design and features:

These earphones can be connected with some audio equipment in your home, and because they have medium sensitivity so as to provide a satisfactory volume level.

The 1MORE E1001 Triple Driver portable earphones have an isolating ear-insert design.
The 1MORE E1001 Triple Driver portable earphones have an isolating ear-insert design.

Headphones E1001 Triple Driver has an integrated microphone and a music player perform control that is compatible with iPads, some iPods, and a few iPhones and a few alternative cell phones. The call connect / disconnect button are often used with some iPhones and some different cell phones. These earphones may not operate properly with some non-Apple / non-Android mobile devices or different audio equipment. This model comes with a mini-plug-to-airplane-jack adapter, a removable shirt clip, and a carrying case.

Sound quality:

There is no excellent earphone product, however, when approaching the simplest level it can be said the E1001 Triple Driver delivers the standard of sound that falls within the glorious range, the sonic shortcomings of this model are minor. The general sound can best be summarized as fairly clear and nicely balanced. Bass (as in bass drums, bass, guitars, stand-up bass, etc.) has sensible impact, detail, and goes deeper, however is slightly outstanding. The midrange (vocals, guitars, horns, etc.) could be a fairly even however barely hazy and coarse-grained. The treble (cymbals, the higher variety of violins, etc.) is extended, however slightly uneven – the middle treble could be a bit outstanding whereas the higher treble could be a bit subdued. The sound includes a judgment of liveliness and is somewhat open (sound-wise it virtually looks like you are doing not have something plugging your ears).


1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

We agree that these earphones are very good at generating audio and music and without any problems. But they can cause a bit of discomfort to your ears because of a sense of pressure on the opening of the ears. And this can happen to some people.


The 1MORE E1001 Triple Driver portable earphones have an isolating ear-insert design. These iPod / cellphone-centric earphones have a 50-inch audio cord with a modified stereo, 4-contact mini-plug that works with iPods, iPads, iPhones, and some cell phones, but may not be compatible with other audio devices.

The earphones have an inline microphone and inline remote with and integrated volume, music player performs, and call connect / disconnect controls. The E1001 Triple Driver comes with 9 pairs of earpieces in various sizes and kinds, a mini-plug-to-airplane-jack adapter, a removable shirt clip, and a carrying case. It’s lined by a 12-month guarantee.

Integrated microphoneYes
Call connect/disconnect controlYes
Integrated volume controlYes
Integrated function controlYes
Warranty: parts, labor (mos.)12/12
Additional featuresNone
Included accessoriesNine pairs of ear pieces in various sizes and types, mini-plug-to-airplane-jack adapter, removable shirt clip, carrying case.
Cord length (in.)50
Weight (oz.)0.6
Plug type4 contact Mini (1/8″)



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